News: Golf Clash Mobile Game to Feature The Ryder Cup

Playdemic, a Warner Bros. Games studio, has teamed up with Ryder Cup Europe and the PGA of America to bring The Ryder Cup to its players and fans through the award-winning mobile videogame, Golf Clash. The collaboration will see The Ryder Cup brand integrated into the Golf Clash gameplay experience across in-game tournaments and content, including an official Ryder Cup Ball. The firstContinue reading “News: Golf Clash Mobile Game to Feature The Ryder Cup”

Review: Ratched (2020)

Ratched feels like a spin off from American Horror Story with similar tone, style and cast. This is a big compliment to the show, although was to be expected with the team up from AHS creator Ryan Murphy and its star Sarah Paulson. PLOT AND STORY Mildred Ratched (Sarah Paulson) begins working as a nurseContinue reading “Review: Ratched (2020)”

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